Frequently Asked Question About Domains

1. What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is a unique identifier for your business or organisation on the Internet. A well-known example would be To put it simply, it is like your unique Telephone Number, only it refers to your location on the Internet.

How do I check if the Domain Name I want is available?

Simply enter it into the box at the top of this page, and choose ‘Check Domain’ to see all the available extensions (ie .com,, .net, etc)

2. Should I buy a or a .com extension?

Many people have varying opinions on this, but we would suggest you always try to buy the for a UK-based business, it is geographically intended for the UK. That said, if you can buy the .com as well, we can then redirect this to your

This gives you two advantages:

You don’t have to worry about someone buying the .com and trading on your good name
You cover those people who tend to forget the extension and autamatically add the .com
The only disadvantage is that you have to pay to renew 2 domain names instead of just 1, but the cost is so minimal, we’d recommend it as standard.

An example of this is easily seen if you type and then into your address bar. They both take you to the same place.

3. How do I purchase a Domain Name?

You have two options really, purchase it yourself or have us purchase it for you. The advantages in purchasing it yourself are that you have complete control over the domain name, the renewals, etc. The downside is that you will be sent some spam mailings trying to get you to renew the domain with certain companies. If you are not on guard, you can easily be fooled into transferring it to thexe companies who will charge extortionate prices to renew each year. If we are Designing you a Website and providing Hosting, you might just want to add it to the package and let us handle renewal and management. If we are designing you a website, we will discuss all the options at that stage.

4. What are the steps to getting my Domain Name?

Simple really, but you need to be aware:

PICK YOUR NAME – Decide which name/names you think would suit your business (call us if you need help with this)
CHECK ITS AVAILABILITY – Try our Domain Name Checker at the top of this page, to see if it is available
BUY THE DOMAIN – If it is available, buy it through the 1&1 link we provide (after you check it above), or email us to buy it on your behalf (we manage and host domains/sites for numerous businesses, call us for details)
RENEW ANNUALLY – According to the registration period, you will need to Renew your domain name either every 1 or 2 years. This can be set up to be done automatically, so you have no potential problems