We offers a wide range of PC components at very fare prices which are useful whether you are planning to build your own customised system or you want to give an upgrade to your system to have more memory,more processing power or better graphic card. We stock everything from processors, motherboards, graphics cards, PSUs and etc.., so you’ll be sure by just giving us a call you can find whatever component you are looking for. Quality is a key concern for CROWN IT Demon Ltd customers and as such, . If this is your first time that you are building up a PC , you may need a little extra help that lead you to get the best. If this is the case, you should see components tab bar above next to welcome tab to find your specific component ; all our components will be delivered for free of charge!

You can contact us for more information about any component you may need or drop us an email for more information or any quotes you may need.
Contact us at: 08000407671
Our email:info@crown-it.co.uk